• Picks

  • How do picks work?

    The SportsWeather engine uses historical and forecasted weather combined with historical team/player data to generate picks. We believe in quality over quantity. Our thresholds are set high, which is how we’ve maintained a 68% winning percentage as of this writing. We have performance stats on all players in wind, rain, sleet, snow, heat and more. Factor in the data for every player on both sides plus also each team’s historical performance, and if key thresholds are met based on the weather as predicted for game time, a pick is issued.

  • How often do picks arrive?

    As expected, the frequency of picks depends on Mother Nature. Some weeks there may be 7+ picks. Other weeks there may be fewer. It would be rare however for no picks to be issued in any given week. Also noteworthy – SportsWeather picks are likely to arrive closer to game time as the forecasted weather plays a key role in the algorithm and is most accurate closer to the event.

  • How are picks delivered?

    All picks are issued via MMS/text message to the phone number you provided when signing up. If you didn’t enter one, simply visit the “account” area of the application and add it. In addition to MMS/text messages, picks are available under the “predictions” tab in the SportsWeather application and appear immediately when issued.

  • If SportsWeather issues picks, why would I need to use the application?

    First, because the data in SportsWeather is amazing, and never-before-seen! The data available to you in our application is the exact data our system uses to generate picks. When we issue picks, we believe in quality over quantity. During weeks in 2018, the system has been correct over 70% of the time, and as of this writing, it’s running at 68% for all of 2018. But even the most famous handicappers often only tout winning percentages as high as 55%. With the data available to you at SportsWeather, it’s entirely possible for YOU to generate your own picks and establish your own winning percentage even higher than the pros.

    Additionally, you may want action on a particular game SportsWeather has not issued a pick on, and the SportsWeather data will help you decide which side to play. Or, you can use the data to validate and confirm picks you’ve received from elsewhere. The fact that SportsWeather issues picks should have no bearing on your consideration of picking other games yourself!

  • Weather Alerts

  • What are “game-impacting weather alert texts”?

    No more frantically searching weather sites! When conditions are such that weather will impact a contest, a text alert will be issued three hours and one hour before the game to provide time for you to make your decisions on the game or players that may be affected. You can also see all game weather alert indicators within the SportsWeather application.

  • Data

  • How else can I use SportsWeather data?

    As you move about the application, you’ll discover amazing details and stats on team and player performance in weather. For example, you might find that a QB’s passing rating is maxed at 158.3 when temperatures are between 20-34 degrees, or a WR’s total receptions are actually higher in winds of 10-18 MPH. You’ll find that some teams are undefeated in the last three years when the temperature is 80-89 degrees. For both sports bettors and fantasy players, this data is a game-changer.

  • How current is SportsWeather data?

    Our data is live and current. Plus, we’re constantly analyzing data trends to improve our algorithms to be as accurate as possible and adding to the data we provide in our application to provide as much detailed information to our users as possible.